Celebrate Mother's Day
Celebrate Father's Day
Celebrate Grandparent's Day
Celebrate Birthdays
Celebrate Thanksgiving
Celebrate New Year's Eve or Day
Celebrate Christmas
Celebrate Halloween
Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Flag Day
Celebrate Independence Day (Fourth of July)
Celebrate Hanukkah
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Celebrate Valentine's Day
Celebrate "Any" Holiday
Sing any Holiday Songs
Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving
Create Holiday artwork in school
Join the Boy Scouts
Join the Girl Scouts
Buy Girl Scout Cookies
Become a Cheerleader
Attend class reunions (No "Worldly" association)
Go to the school prom
Play School Sports (No competition allowed)
Play Professional Sports
Join any organization that has ties to Christianity
Shop at the Salvation Army
Volunteer for the Salvation Army
Donate to Relief Organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Charities and more
Shop at Church run thrift stores
Shop at Church Garage Sales
Shop at any Store that has Christian ties
Contribute to the Red Cross
Attend a Church School
Join the YMCA
Join or work for the Military ( work on military bases such as in the PX or clean homes on military bases)
Become a Police Officer
Attend Alcoholics Anonymous
Have any job with a gun
Strike against a Company
Salute the Flag
Sing the National Anthem
Go to War
Wear Clothing Associated with War; e.g. Combats or Army Tops
Work in the United Nations building
Karate - no martial arts of any kind
Vote (Conscience matter now to please Governments, you will be ostracized if you do)
Run for any Public Office
Campaign for a Candidate
Contribute to the Presidential Campaign Fund on your tax return
Can join union, but not participate in its affairs
Run for class president
Join Sororities or Fraternities
Participate in holiday parties at school
Buy lottery tickets
Play Bingo
Can't buy a raffle ticket
Date without supervision - young or old
Date unless you are planning to marry them
Watch R rated movies
Cannot work on another Church
Own a religious picture or statue
Smoke cigarettes, pipes or a cigars
Sell cigarettes, pipes or a cigars
Accept Blood
Donate Blood
Store your own blood before an operation
Eat blood sausages or sausages with "plasma" in ingredients
Use fertilizes in your garden which has blood products in them
Wear blue jeans or casual clothes to the Kingdom Hall
Wear pants to the Kingdom Hall if you are a female
Wear skirts or dresses that are above the knee at any time
Wear any type of long hair if you are a man
Wear a beard in some Kingdom Halls and areas (judged hard)
Pierce ears if male, other body parts if female
Have any tattoos
Say curse words
Can't be hypnotized
Get divorced unless scriptural (adultery or fornication is committed by one partner) if you do divorce cannot remarry unless ex fornicates first
Toast drinks (pagan origin)
Throw rice at a wedding (pagan origin)
Say "Bless You" when someone sneezes
Say "Good Luck!", "Wish me Luck", "I was Lucky" or "You were Lucky"
Tell ghost stories
Practice Yoga
Own a Smurf
Eat Lucky Charms Cereal (References to Magical)
Throw a penny into a wishing well
Read Horoscopes
Promote anything Superstitious
Have wind charms because they represent a pagan symbol for scaring away demons
Watch "Magic" acts or do "Magic" tricks
See a Medium or Fortune Teller
Watch TV Shows or Movies, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "Touched by an Angel", "Bewitched" , "Harry Potter", any Occult type shows
Listen to certain classical music, like Shubert's Avé Maria. (Mary worship)
Have ethnic decorative items in the house like Tikis or African masks
Say "It was fate" or mention anything to do with "fate"
Engage in any risky acts such as: Sky Diving, Bungie Jumping & Hang Gliding
Have Jesus as your Mediator and Savior
Can't partake in the Memorial of Jesus' death, by eating the unleavened bread or drinking the wine; only allowed if you are from the elite group of the 144,000
A woman can't hold a position of responsibility in the congregation
Wear or own a Cross
Attend another Church (Spiritual Fornication)
Have unauthorized Bible study groups
Associate on a regular basis with nonbelievers
Associate with ex-members
Associate with disfellowshipped ones
Talk with disfellowshipped ones
Sue another Jehovah's Witness
Marry a nonbeliever (If you do, you are judged hard by the congregation)
Marry in another Church or attend a wedding in another Church
Have a funeral in another Church or attend a funeral in another Church
Pray, including holding your head down, when a nonbeliever prays
Study other religious articles not from the Society
Read negative information about the Society
Question the Watchtower Society on anything
Exercise your on conscience if it goes against the religion
Question the Society or the Organization
Have Christian freedom
If you are a woman you can't pray aloud in the presence of men, without a covering on your head
If you are sick and need alternative medical help you can't get illegal medicines from another country

Become a Jehovah's Witness and you shouldn't....
.... if you do you will be looked down upon

Discuss politics
Surf too much on the Internet
Attend social functions organized by your place of work
Associate with worldly neighbors
Attend College (The Society has lightened up on this somewhat, but if you attend you are not putting Kingdom interests first, and will be judged.)
Play Chess
Go to Nightclubs
Own a Gun
Read philosophy, sociology, psychology; these are discouraged as non spiritual food
Visit historical churches, mosques, synagogues, or Buddhist/Shinto/Hindu temples
Shouldn't watch Disney cartoons which shows witches (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty)
Light incense in the house
JWs are discouraged from seeking psychological help from psychiatrists, psycho-therapists, and psychologists because they give "worldly" advice according to the WTBTS.

Become a Jehovah's Witness and you have to....

Must be baptized into the organization
Attend several regular meetings each week
Go out in field service regularly to recruit new members
Report your field service activity to the congregation each month
Attend regular scheduled conventions
Give talks at the congregation (whether young or old, male or female)
Read and fully understand their teachings
Prepare for each meeting
Participate in the meetings
Study with family
Use Theocratic Warfare (War Strategy) - To lie or to hide the truth to a non-JW for protection of the Organization
Fully accept the Watchtower's authority and rules (no exceptions)

Dress according to their rules at the Kingdom Halls, Service and conventions (no exceptions)

  • Women and small girls must wear dresses
  • Men must wear dress pants with dress shirts and ties
Associate only with fellow members
Report on fellow members including your family, if they are caught doing something against Society's rules
You have to sing at the meetings (even if you have a bad voice) - or you are looked down upon
Women must be in full submission to their husbands


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