Society's stand on Karate

7/15/1983 Pages 24-25
Seek Peace and Pursue It

13 However, for private self-defense, might not the Christian take training in the martial arts, such as the Chinese Kung fu? Let it be noted that this most lethal of the Oriental arts was developed more than 1,400 years ago by Zen Buddhist monks of the Shaolin Monastery on the slopes of Songshan, one of China’s sacred mountains. From this religious source came also the martial arts of Japan—Bushido, meaning, literally, “The Way of the Warrior.” Many experts in the arts of judo, kendo and karate still draw inspiration from religious meditation. Karate has as its objective incapacitating the victim, which could result in serious injury or death. Surely, those who trust in Jehovah would not turn to the martial arts for defense!—Proverbs 3:31.


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