Society's Stand on Superstition

12/1/1996 Page 9 Taking a Firm Stand in School Is Rewarded

On the small western Pacific island of Tol in the Chuuk Islands, the teachers in the local school told all the children to prepare for and participate in a school Halloween celebration. The Witness pupils were aware that the celebration could involve decorations and costumes portraying ghosts, goblins, and witches—all related to spiritistic traditions. These children could not conscientiously participate.

*** w58 5/15 306-7 Does Superstition or Knowledge Govern You? ***
8 There would be no end of telling of the strange ideas and superstitions found throughout the world. Satan has completely confused his bedarkened subjects and has brought them much injury thereby. Superstitions are harmful to mankind. Superstition will never lead anyone to the accepted service of Almighty God and life eternal in his new world. There is only one way to be free of the harmful superstitions and credulity, and that is by gaining accurate knowledge from Jehovah God. Knowledge is so important in our lives that Jehovah says people can be destroyed for the lack of it.—Hos. 4:6, 10, AS.


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