Clear As Ink
By Norm
Anybody who studies the Christian religion and in particular the fundamentalist part, will soon discover how important the Devil is. He comes in handy in all kinds of situations. When a fundamentalist is cornered and unable to answer questions he can always accuse his opponent of being an agent of the Devil. When someone question the authority of the Watchtower Society, naturally it must be the Devil at work, etc.

*** w86 7/1 26 Lining Up With Jehovah's Integrity Keepers *** The course of Christian integrity involves tests and sacrifices and for the same reason that it did for Christ-we have a common enemy, Satan.

In my many years as a Witness, and an ex-Witness I have plowed through countless pages of Watchtower literature. It has always amused me to see how this literature completely contradicts itself over and over again. I have posted many, many examples of this to this very forum. One wonders in vain about what kind of control they have in the writing department in Brooklyn. My guess is that they have so many people involved in the writing, and that these people have very little contact with each other. It also seems to me that these people are very lazy when it comes to check up on what they have said about the same subject earlier. Of course they know how extremely lazy the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses is in checking up anything written, and that they can get away with whatever they write. After all hardly more than 25-30% of the Witnesses ever bother to read the literature. It never fails, whenever I encounter a Witness out doing street work, none of them has ever read the issue they are trying to show on you. I know, because I have usually read it.

Anyway, let us amuse ourselves with some more of the Watchtower contradictions. In 1995 the Watchtower printed an interesting article about placing blame:

*** w95 2/1 26 Whose Fault Is It? *** Thus the stage was set in the garden of Eden for humans’ refusing to accept responsibility for their own actions. Have you ever been guilty of this? When problems come up, do you quickly blame others? Or do you analyze the situation to see whose fault it really is? In daily life, it is so easy to fall into the trap of blaming others for our mistakes and to say, “It is not my fault!” Let us look at common situations and see what some people tend to do. More important, reflect on what you would do under the same circumstances.

Very well put, don’t you think? It is difficult to disagree with what the Watchtower say here. One can’t help but think about how Brooklyn always blame the rank and file Witnesses for their own prophetic blunders. The next statement is also very interesting:

*** w95 2/1 28-9 Whose Fault Is It? *** Such ones often live their lives recklessly, making financial and other decisions on the assumption that God will save them. If their imprudent actions result in some disaster, economic or otherwise, they blame the Devil. To do something rash without first ‘counting the cost’ and then to blame Satan for the failure, or worse yet, to expect Jehovah to intervene, would be not only presumptuous but also contrary to Scripture.—Luke 14:28, 29.

Look at the two last lines here, which I have outlined in bold. What is the standard policy line of the Watchtower representatives when confronted with evidence of the Watchtower Society very rash and utterly failed predictions? What is the standard line when confronted with evidence of serious abuse of power by their elders? Well, we all know, don’t we? “Jehovah will keep his organization clean”. “We just have to wait on Jehovah!” But here they tell us that to expect “Jehovah to intervene” to correct their failures, would be “presumptuous” and “contrary to Scripture.”

Let us take a look at the next statement from the Watchtower and then compare it to statements from other Watchtowers:

*** w95 2/1 29 Whose Fault Is It? *** Those with the propensity for blaming the Devil or God for their own questionable actions have much in common with followers of astrology, who merely substitute the stars for God or the Devil. Thoroughly convinced that almost everything that happens is beyond their control, they overlook the simple principle stated at Galatians 6:7: “Whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.”

Now look at what the Watchtower wants the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses to believe:

*** w95 1/1 9 Triumphing Over Satan and His Works *** 18 Satan’s crafty “machinations” have recently appeared in yet another form. In some lands many adults have experienced invasive thoughts conveying the overwhelming impression that as children they were sadistically abused by satanic cults.

*** w95 1/1 9 Triumphing Over Satan and His Works *** 20 At present a Christian can be certain that, in one way or another, Satan is behind these horrible thoughts. If some in the congregation suffer in this way, they are wise to see such frightening mental impressions as a direct attempt by Satan to upset their spiritual equilibrium.

Seems like the Watchtower has the same “propensity for blaming the Devil or God” for just about anything too. Some of the people who write some of these articles for the Watchtower magazine try to promote and fan the superstition that already prevail in the Jehovah's Witnesses community:

*** w93 9/1 5 Is Real Protection Possible? *** Through the use of amulets, many also become ensnared by the occult. True, some may carry a crystal or a magical potion more out of custom than out of conviction. But just as flirting with a prostitute may lead to contracting AIDS, flirting with the occult may also have disastrous consequences. It was with good reason that God prohibited the Israelites from practicing magic, divination, and fortune-telling. "Everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah," warns the Bible.-Deuteronomy 18:10-14. Why this stern prohibition? Because the unseen forces behind such practices are neither the spirits of the dead nor the power of luck but are Satan the Devil and his demons. And the use of amulets is directly linked with demon worship.

Then other writers obviously try to be a voice of reason and present some sober thoughts by addressing such obvious superstition:

*** w95 2/1 28 Whose Fault Is It? *** The Ultimate Excuse “It is God’s will.” “Blame it on the Devil.” Probably the ultimate excuse is to blame either God or the Devil for our own failures. It is true that God or Satan may influence some events in our lives. However, some believe that practically everything, good or bad, in their life is the result of intervention by God or by Satan. It is as if nothing that happened to them was a consequence of their own actions. “If God wants me to have that new car, he will see to it that I get it.”

It is of the outmost importance to train ones children, never to question anything their parents, the elders, and above all the organization say. If anyone should utter disagreement with anything the Watchtower prints, however slight, it is no doubt the work of the Devil!

*** w83 1/15 22 *** “From the very outset of his rebellion Satan called into question God’s way of doing things. He promoted independent thinking. ‘You can decide for yourself what is good and bad,’ Satan told Eve. ‘You don’t have to listen to God. He is not really telling you the truth.’ (Genesis 3:1-5) To this day, it has been Satan’s subtle design to infect God’s people with this type of thinking. — 2 Timothy 3:1, 13. How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God’s visible organization.”

Yes, that is indeed the archenemy of the Watchtower, “independent thinking”. One of the Devils most cunning tools, to lure the “faithful” away from the Watchtower organization. So in reality everything that isn’t clearly associated with the Watchtower Society is under satanic control:

*** w94 3/1 11 Jehovah's Judgment Against False Teachers *** For example, at the 1958 Divine Will International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in New York City, the vice president of the Watch Tower Society presented a statement that said in part: "Without any double talk or hesitation we declare this root cause of all the crime, delinquency, hatred, strife, prejudice, . . . and mad confusion to be wrong religion, false religion; behind which is man's unseen enemy, Satan the Devil.

Take a good look at the next quote and think about what it says:

*** w97 4/15 10 True Peace-From What Source? *** 13 Satan the Devil promotes nationalism and tribalism, the belief in the superiority of one nation, race, or tribe over others.

If Satan is the force behind “belief in superiority of one nation, race, or tribe over others.” Wouldn’t it be quite logical that he’s behind the belief of superiority of one faith over another too? Take a look at the next quotes and see if you can spot any “belief in the superiority” of one particular cult:

*** w94 8/15 11 This Good News Must Be Preached First *** 2 Just think about it—whenever people see in their neighborhood a group of well-dressed men, women, and children with briefcases, what is usually their first thought? Is it, ‘Oh, here come the Catholics (or Orthodox) again!’ or, ‘Here come the Pentecostals (or Baptists) again!’ No. People know that such religions do not have whole families performing a house-to-house ministry. Perhaps some religious groups send some “missionaries” for a two-year stint into certain areas, but their rank-and-file members do not participate in any such ministry. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses are recognized worldwide for their zeal in communicating their message to others on every suitable occasion. And they are known for their magazines, The Watchtower and Awake!—Isaiah 43:10-12; Acts 1:8.

*** w92 12/1 17 "Bring All the Tenth Parts Into the Storehouse" *** Of all the organizations claiming to be Christian, only Jehovah’s Witnesses both think upon his name and magnify it among the nations. (Psalm 34:3) How happy they are to be assured that Jehovah remembers their faithfulness!

*** w89 5/1 27-8 What The Love of God Means *** 20 Thus, true servants of God today can be identified by an unbreakable, unifying bond of love on an international scale. Who in our time demonstrate such obedience to God’s commandments on love? Who have been persecuted, imprisoned, thrown into concentration camps, or executed because they would not take up weapons against fellow believers—or even unbelievers—of other nations? The record of this century’s history answers: only Jehovah’s Witnesses.

*** w89 9/1 19 Remaining Organized for Survival Into the Millennium *** 7 Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the “great crowd,” as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil. (Revelation 7:9-17; 2 Corinthians 4:4)

*** w88 1/1 16 The Last Days-A Time of Harvest *** So, clearly, the messages are broadcast by human mouthpieces under angelic direction. A person is identified as a ‘sheep’ or as a ‘goat’ by the way he responds to the angelic messages. During this 20th century, only Jehovah’s Witnesses have cooperated with the angels in this vital work.

*** w88 4/1 17 Christendom Exposed as the Promoter of False Worship *** ” At the same time, none of them want to accept the challenge of the true Christian ministry, face-to-face with the people, from house to house. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses—the anointed Jeremiah class and the “great crowd”—have accepted that responsibility.

*** w85 8/1 7 Religion and Politics-On a Collision Course? *** If you are one who is distressed over the suffering and reproach that false religion has brought on God’s name, what should you now do? The Bible commands: “Get out of her [false religion], my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins.” (Revelation 18:4) Only Jehovah’s Witnesses are urging people to heed this command. They, like the early Christians, keep out of war and politics and hence will not be in line for destruction when religion collides with politics. So contact them. They will gladly show you how to find the “narrow gate” that leads not to destruction but to everlasting life.—Matthew 7:13, 14; John 17:3.

*** km 11/76 2 Your Service Meetings *** How then will people today hear the voices of God and his Chief Shepherd? By hearing God’s commands and principles as set forth in the Scriptures. Who will tell them? Not the clergy! No, but only Jehovah’s Witnesses carry on work of preaching the good news of the Kingdom and teaching Bible truth in all the earth.

*** w95 12/15 19 Joyful "Doers of the Word" *** 10 In the world empire of false religion, whether in Christendom or in other lands, it is often the custom for worshipers to sing some hymns, listen to repetitious prayers, and perhaps hear a discourse. No encouragement is given toward proclaiming a message of hope, for most religions see no bright prospect for the future. The glorious hope of God’s Messianic Kingdom either is never mentioned or is completely misunderstood. Jehovah says prophetically of Christendom’s adherents: “There are two bad things that my people have done: They have left even me, the source of living water, in order to hew out for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that cannot contain the water.” (Jeremiah 2:13) They have no waters of truth. Heavenly wisdom is lacking. 11 How different it is among Jehovah’s Witnesses today! With God-given dynamic energy, they are flooding the earth with the good news of His incoming Kingdom. The wisdom that they speak is based solidly on the Word of God.

Bragging? Well, it’s only wrong when others do it. As we can see above the Watchtower “NEVER” brag or boast!

*** w94 9/1 20 Beware of Boasting *** Boasting Stems From Weakness While some may withdraw from braggarts, feeling inferior in their presence, others react differently. They conclude that boasters are insecure. Writer Frank Trippett explains why the person who blows his own horn may, ironically, lower his esteem in the eyes of others: “Everybody knows at heart that boasting usually signals some pathetic private weaknesses.” Since many see right through the boaster’s mask, is it not wiser to refrain from windy self-praise?

Well folks, it would be difficult to find a more “insecure” cult, when taking their boasting into consideration.