Consistently Inconsistent!
By B. J. Kotwall
Whenever the positive words "consistently"  or "consistent" are used in Watchtower Society (WTS) publications I smell a lie! Often when a WTS publication uses these  two words, in relation to JWs or the WTS, instead of finding consistency, it is more likely that the WTS, on the contrary,  is covering up  flip-flops in their belief and doctrine - or just plain lying!

One wonders which dictionary WTS uses  to define "consistent" or "consistently"! The Chambers Dictionary defines "consistent" interalia as:

Free from contradiction; fixed or steady; not fluid; agreeing together, harmonious, compatible; true to principles.
The following are a few of the quotes  from WTS publications in which the words "consistently" or "consistent" appear. But when the referenced subject is properly viewed and researched  it is evident that the  WTS  is shamelessly lying  by misusing either of these two very affirmative words. The quotes are followed by my comments which are in italics.

The Watchtower (WT)   7/1/1951 p. 416
A simple yet vivid and consistently accurate translation, it wholly ignores man-made traditions and false religious creeds and dogmas. It faithfully adheres to the basic text found in most recently discovered copies of ancient and reliable original manuscripts.

The translation is no way "consistently accurate". Dr. Robert H. Countess points out among many other inconsistencies that  the "New World Translation (NWT)  (is) 94 percent unfaithful to its own stated principle concerning the anarthrous "theos". Another major concern which Countess points out is that "at the base of the "restoration" of the Divine Name to the text of the NT lies a rationalistic, a priori unitarianism." In the second sentence of the above quote the WTS claims to faithfully adhere to the basic text found in most recently discovered copies of manuscripts. This again is a lie as demonstrated by the WTS in their own statement which says under the heading "The NWT Scholarly and Honest" that "…no early surviving Greek manuscript of the NT contains the personal name of God" (WT  3/1/1991 p.28) which they have inserted in the main text of NWT NT some 237 times! There are numerous other  examples which, Countess maintains, makes the NWT translation "a radically biased and dishonest piece of work". (The Jehovah's Witnesses' NT Countess 1987 pp. 4, 93.) Many other famous scholars support this view. (Bruce Metzger, J. R. Mantey, H. H. Rawley to just name three  highly-regarded Biblical  scholars who have condemned the NWT unsparingly).

WT 1/15/1953 p. 61
In 1950 the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society released the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures, a literal, modern-speech translation which presented scholarly support for its position in rendering the divine name consistently in the Greek Scriptures…

Same comments as above. In addition it should be noted that the WTS has not rendered the "divine name" consistently in their NWT. Several verses are quoted by Countess where, if WTS had followed its principle set out in the introduction of their NWT, they would have had to  clearly show an identity of Jesus with Jehovah. Translations where the WTS has not followed its own principle include 1 Peter 2:3; 1 Peter 3:15a; Romans 14:9-11; Philippians 2:10,11.

Awake!  3/22/1987 p. 14
The translation by the anonymous committee is thoroughly up-to-date and consistently accurate. . .

Same comments as above

WT  8/1/1984 p. 32
The text is based on that of Brooke F. Westcott and Fenton J. A. Hort (1881, repr.), but the translation by the anonymous committee is thoroughly up-to-date and consistently accurate.

Same comments as above.

WT 12/1/1953 p. 708
They know the Bible is God's Word and they stand four squarely and consistently upon it and follow its principles.

Several teachings of the WTS are not from the Bible at all. One example, from many, is the 1935 date, for closing of the heavenly calling, which is nowhere to be found in the Bible. WTS boldly admits that this date came as flash of light to Joseph Rutherford the second president of WTS! (WT  February 1, 1982 p. 28)

WT 11/1/1956 p. 669
 …all in the congregation show consistently their dependence on Jehovah through Christ Jesus for everything.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The JWs depend upon WTS interpretations of the Bible and not on Jehovah and Christ for dependence and guidance. (WT  May 1,1992 p. 31)

WT 2/15/1967 p. 110
From its first year of publication, in 1879, Zion's Watch Tower, official journal of the "faithful and discreet slave," consistently proclaimed the year 1914 as the date for the end of "the Gentile times" and the establishment of God's kingdom by Christ…  Right on time, in the fall of 1914, "the kingdom of our God" in the hands of his Christ began ruling…

This is a downright lie. Russell firmly believed that the "conclusion of the system of things" (also called the "time of the end") began in 1799 and that Christ came invisibly in 1874 and that the church would "escape" before 1914. (WT July 15, 1894 p. 226)

WT 1/15/1993 p. 5
The Watchtower has consistently presented evidence, to honest hearted students of Bible prophecy that Jesus' presence in heavenly Kingdom power began in 1914.

Same comments as above.

WT 2/15/1970 p. 109-10
Aid to Bible Understanding differs from all other publications of a similar nature, for it consistently accepts the Bible as the principal authority and is guided by it.

 The Aid book contains several doctrinally slanted interpretations not withstanding the remarks in the foreword which states that the Aid book "is not intended to be a doctrinal commentary or an interpretative work." No serious student of the Bible would use the Aid book as a reference "dictionary" of the Bible. An example, among many available, is WTS's unique treatment of Biblical Chronology, which has absolutely  no support outside of the Society. (WTS's Bible chronology plays a very central role in the doctrines and teachings of WTS).

WT 3/1/1970 p. 160
For many years The Watchtower has warned of the approach of these unparalleled conditions, citing Bible prophecies in support, and Awake! has repeatedly produced factual evidences of the dissolution of the present system of things, while both magazines have consistently maintained a unique position as true champions of the Bible and of God's Messianic kingdom as the only hope for beleaguered mankind.

The "consistently unique position" maintained by the WTS is that 1914, 1925, 1975 etc. were the failed varied dates presented in WTS publications for the "dissolution of the present system of things" and the heralding of "God's Messianic kingdom"! The "factual evidence" has turned to "fictional evidence" after failure of WTS's prophetic speculations!

WT 8/15/1990 p.18
Famine is an urgent problem. Yet, who are identifying today's tragedies of famine and war as fulfilling Jesus Christ's prophecy, pointing to the end of the present system of things? (Matthew 24:3, 7) Who has published evidence linking these events with the ride of the four horsemen vividly portrayed in the Bible book of Revelation, chapter 6? Consistently, Jehovah's Witnesses have loyally done so in this journal.

In no way has the WTS has been consistent. Prof. Edmond Gruss in his book The Jehovah's Witnesses and Prophetic Speculation (1972) says that "…a study was made to determine how the thirty-nine sign happenings of the present Witness position were viewed by Russell and other Society writers in publications before 1914. In every case (which included famine and war) it was found that the same or parallel passages and the features of the age by the present Witness writers to prove that the "time of the end' began in 1914, were explained by Russell and others in the Society to characterize;
(1) The entire Gospel Age,
(2) The "time  of the end" as viewed at that time  -- 1799-1914, or
(3) the Harvest period, 1874 -1914". (p. 53)
Such flexible and varied interpretations  and applications  are labeled "consistent"!

Also regarding the linking of events with "the ride of the  four horsemen" the WTS has in no way been consistent. The book of Revelation has been differently interpreted by the WTS in at least 5 different commentaries  starting with The Finished Mystery (1917) and concluding with Revelation - Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988).  For example the horseman on a white horse in Revelation 6 is presently recognized as Jesus. In the Finished Mystery this horseman was identified as "The Bishop of Rome, The embryo Pope, the personal representative of Satan"! (p. 105). There are  many more  inconsistencies in WTS's interpretation of the book of Revelation, during the 71 years since they started "elucidating" the book.  Despite this the WTS has the temerity to say that they have been consistent on the subject!

WT 10/1/1997 p. 17
Many Bible translators have shown sincere respect for the divine name and have used it consistently in their work.

No indication is given who these many Bible translators are who have used the divine name consistently in their work. I do not know of any recognized Bible translators, who have interpolated  the name "Jehovah" in the texts of both the Old Testament  and New Testament to the  extent WTS has done.

Awake! 8/8/1993 p.25
Previous articles in this journal and its companion, The Watchtower, have presented a consistent position: It would be up to the Bible-trained conscience of the individual Christian as to whether he would accept this treatment (of immunization) for himself and his family.

This is a downright lie. The following quote is from Golden Age (which name was subsequently changed to Consolation in 1937 and to Awake! in 1946): "Vaccination is a direct violation of the everlasting covenant that God made with Noah after the flood" ( February 4, 1931, p. 293). This ban on vaccinations remained in force for 34 years.

Has the Watchtower Society got no shame?