Jehovah's Witnesses' Unique Buzz Words And Phrases
Buzz Words About The Organizational System
  The Truth Congregation The Society
  Present Truth Kingdom Hall The Organization
  Accurate Knowledge The Meeting WTBTS
  Kingdom Interests The Service Meeting The True Organization
  Loyalty To Jehovah Theocratic Ministry School The Only True Religion
  Where Else Is There To Go? Kingdom Ministry School Jehovah's Organization
  Good news of the Kingdom Watchtower Study Jehovah's Chosen Organization
  The Prize The Book Study Jehovah's People
  Righteousness Public Talk YHWH
  Undeserved Kindness Talk(s) The New System
  Spiritual Kingdom Ministry Paradise
  Sheeplike ones School Kingdom
  Brotherhood Second School The New Order
  The Friends Householder Theocratic Order
  Theocratic Meeting Attendance The Flock
  Agape District Convention The Lord's People
  Meat In Due Season District Assembly Fold
  Pure Language Circuit Assembly God’s Channel
  Consecrated Assembly Faithful And Discreet Slave
  Worship Jehovah Convention Governing Body
  Jehovah's Theocratic Arrangement Quick Build 144,000
  Loyalty Theocratic Library Anointed
  Those Taking The Lead Literature Bethel
  Paradise Earth Tracts The Farm
  New System Of Things Watchtower Gilead
  The New System Awake Brooklyn
  The New Order Magazines Great Crowd
  Meek Ones Will Possess The Earth Books True Christians
  Righteous New Order Book Bag Faithful Christians
  Worldwide Preaching Territory District Overseer
  Preaching Work Daily text Circuit Overseer
  Service Meeting Clothes The Body of Elders
  Field Service Practicing True Religion Elders
  Field Service Time Sheep Book Study Overseer
  Informal Witnessing Free Bible Study Ministerial Servants
  Street-Work House Over House Brothers
  Voluntary Donations Honest-Hearted-ones Sisters
  Subscription Volunteers Pioneers
  Ministry Need Is great Special Pioneers
  Preaching Unity Auxiliary Pioneers
  Door to Door Admittedly The JWs
  Return Visits In Harmony With The Remnant
  Worldwide Publishing Jehovah's Blessing The Little Flock
  Territory Encouragement Publisher
  In The Original Greek Time Of The end The Witnesses
  Test Partaking Of The Emblems Bible Students
  Waiting On Jehovah All The More So... Us Against The World
  New Light Bible-Trained Conscience Persecution
  Light gets Brighter and Brighter Zeal 607 BCE
  Adjustments were Made Shepherding 1914
  They Are Just Imperfect Men Brotherly Love King Of The North
  They Make Mistakes We Don't Pass A Plate King Of The South
  They Admitted Their Mistakes Donation Arrangement Daniel's Prophecy
  Revealed Truth Volunteer Assignment The Sanctity Of Blood
  Leave It In Jehovah's Hands Contribution Serving Shoulder To Shoulder
  Invisible Return Useful Habits Shepherding Calls
  Be In Subjection To Your Husbands Endurance Wholeheartedly
  Food At The proper Time Useful Habits Meek
  Zealous Good Example Fleshy
  Abraham's Seed Jehovah's Happy People DF'd or DA'd
  Through Jesus' Name Happiest People On Earth Undeserved Loving Kindness
  The Anointed Ones The Greater (Isaiah, Moses, Daniel, Etc.)  
Buzz Words About JWs Who Are Not In Good Standing
  Weak In The Truth Stumble Disfellowshipped
  Spiritually Weak Independent Thinking Disassociated
  Spiritually Not Qualified Inactive Public Reproved
  Spiritual Fornication Not Heeding The Counsel Of The Elders Privately Reproved
  They Went To The World Unrepentant DF'd
  Left Jehovah Unsubmissive To The Organization DA'd
  Turned To Satan Turned Worldly Committee Meetings
  Apostate Bad Association Immoral Conduct
  Not Putting Spiritual Interests First Returned To Their Own Vomit Materialistic
  They Miss Meetings Spiritually Sick Uncooperative
  Drifting Away Marked Under the Influence of Satan
Buzz Words About The Worldly System
  At Armageddon Goatlike ones That's The World For You
  The Great Tribulation Unbeliever World
  This System Of Things Bad association spoils useful habits Worldly
  Worldly System Harlot Worldly People
  The Last Days 666 Worldly Associations
  Satan's System Bablonish Opposers Of Jehovah
  Satan Pagan Christendom
  God’s Adversary, Satan The Devil Gehenna United Nations
  Devil Like the Original Satan Babylon The Great
  Demons Wicked System Of Things World Empire Of False Religion
  Demonized Table Of The Demons Haughty Ones
  Demonistic Satan And His Demons  
Buzz Words In Their Literature
  This Clearly Shows . . . What Must One Do . . . We Might Reasonable Assume. . .
  The Bible Plainly Says . . . Most Certainly... Most/Many Scholars . . .
  Has Clearly Shown . . . Isn't It Reasonable To Conclude... Surely Then . . .
  We Have Clearly seen . . . Fine Examples... Truly . . .
  The Evidence Shows . . . Thus, We Can See... Apparently...
  The Evidence Should Be Clear . . . Obviously . . . Of course...
  Reasonably, Then . . . Logically . . . Possibly...
  Thus The Facts Make Clear . . . Justifiably . . . Probably...
  Surly This Is Reasonable . . .