Watchtower's Pyramid Memorial At Russell's Grave site

Charles Taze Russell's instructions for his funeral:
I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren, as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so.

Close-up of pyramid with cross and crown emblem, and "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society" carved in stone.

"Risen with Christ" carved in stone on another side of the pyramid. Cross and crown emblem is on all four sides.

Headstone above Russell's grave. Note that he was viewed as the seventh, or "Laodician Messenger" to
the Churches (Revelation 3:14) The first six are listed as: St. Paul, St. John, Arius, Waldo, Wycliffe, Luther.
(The Finished Mystery, Karatol edition, 1918, p. 64)

Directions to Charles Taze Russell's Grave:

The area is the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. It is in the "Rosemont United Cemeteries at Allegheny, in the Bethel Family plot, according to his request." (Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose, 1959, p. 62)

The street is named Cemetery Lane. It is where BABCOCK BLVD and MCKNIGHT RD intersect. McNight Rd is a large freeway. There is a Babcock Blvd exit off of McKnight Road. Go West on Babcock Blvd. Cemetery Lane will be a left turn off of Babcock. The pyramid is BEFORE you get to the top of the hill on the right side. You can see it from the road. It is maybe 30 to 40 feet into the cemetery. Or, simpler directions for others: Take Interstate 179 to Exit 12, which is Cemetery Lane. Follow Cemetery Lane to the gravesite.

United Cemeteries

226 Cemetery Lane

Pittsburgh, PA 15237-2722

Phone: (412) 931-1017

You can also see that a nearby road is called MASONIC WAY



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